About This Blog and Myself

My name is Michael Fernandez.  I was born to a single mother in Germany and named Michael Grieß.  My father, a U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant married my mother and adopted me in 1960.  That was the same year I came to the United States.

I grew up in several states, moving as my father was transferred from base to base.  I learned English in Charleston S.C., and never really lost that Southern accent.

I served without any real distinction in the United States Marine Corps from 1975-78.  I was honorably discharged and years later received a service connected disability rating for tinnitus. So now I am a Lifetime member of the DAV.

I’ve been married twice and divorced twice.  Both times my fault.  Oh I don’t say either of my wives were “perfect” because no one is.  But 90+% of the fault lies with me.  I say this to my own shame.

I am a born-again by the sovereign grace of God Christian.  Which is to say, I am not perfect, but I am different from what I was.  My being a Christian in no way makes me, myself, any better than anyone else.  My salvation, as that of anyone truly saved by God, did not, does not stem from anything in me, but solely is an undeserved gift of God.  Why He chose me in particular, I still don’t know.  But that is what brings us to this blog.

I served almost 15 years in prison during which time God opened my eyes to His Grace and Mercy, and opened my heart to His Love.  By God’s grace I have been blessed with an inquisitive, studious nature and used those years as a devoted period of study.  6-1/2 of those years were because of His Word and the conflict that arose from a Probation Officer who insisted I participate in Psychological (Or as I have learned to refer to it, “Psycho-heretical”) treatment programs.  These programs all deny the truth of God’s Word in numerous ways, but  it was in one key element that my problems with Court/P.O., imposed therapy led to re-incarceration.

God’s Word teaches that IF – and for only two little letters, “if” is a mighty powerful word as everything that follows, hangs or depends upon it – if anyone is “in” (another powerhouse word) Christ, he/she is a “new creation.”  That mean if you were a drunkard (I refuse to use the term “alcoholic”), a drug, porn, sex, or whatever addict, a violent person, a natural adulterer, or any other habitual type of sinner, you are no longer that what you were before you were saved.  Again, this is not to say you have suddenly become “perfect” and turned into some kind of “super saint” but you will be different, not what you were.  All secular humanistic, evolutionary psychological therapies have this in common.  They deny the truth of this Scripture passage:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. ” (2Co 5:17 NKJ)

It was here that my conflict with the Probation department began, resulting in the revocation of my probation and re-incarceration.  They say, “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic,” or “Once a drug, wife, child, ______(fill in the blank) abuser, always a(n) __________ abuser.”  And I refused to own that.  I freely admitted my offenses, my crimes, my sins and my sole responsibility, but I refused to say I was still that person.  Either God’s Word is true and I AM a new creation in Christ or His Word or I am a liar.  I know what I was before Christ came into my life and I know what I am since, the difference is like that between night and day.  So, either God is a liar or the psychobabblers are. Because I refused to admit that which was false, I was discharged from two different groups (therapy groups), the second discharge resulting in the revocation of my probation for violating the terms of my probation by not being in group.  I said, fine.  I would rather be in prison with Christ, than out of prison denying Him.

Nearly 15 years of intense Bible Study, and 6-1/2 years of intense study coupled with diligent note taking.  When I left prison I had over 1,000 pages of cross referenced manuscript notes on every book of the Bible as well as several topical studies.

God is real folks.  Heaven and hell are real.  I was once headed for hell but by God’s Sovereign Grace, I am no longer.  Not only has my earthly life been changed for the better, I now possess eternal life in Christ, my sins forgiven and their dominion over me broken.

It is my hope that this blog which will be in part a revelation of myself, a sinner saved by God’s Grace via the publication of my notes as they are transcribed, will be used of God to touch someone out there on the web. To give a fitting word to someone in need, as God did for me with a Mexican national who came to jail while I was there contemplating suicide and as he shared the Gospel in Spanish with another Mexican some 15 feet or so away, I heard every word as if it were being spoken to me.  I knew then that God was speaking to me.  Anyway, I hope that the insights, the hope, the knowledge that I have gained through my walk with God and the study of His Word over those years will impact the life of some of you out there in a positive way perhaps used by Him to bring you to salvation, or to strengthen or restore the faith of someone who has momentarily lost or had their faith weakened for whatever reason because you see that I, even I, imperfect as I may still be, can be transformed by the Love and Grace of God. And if I can be changed by God, anyone can be.

I pray that God would use these writings for your good and most of all, for His glory.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

LEGAL NOTICE:All material in these blogs is original material of Michael Fernandez unless otherwise noted.  No copying of the material in these blogs is allowed without permission, unless, it is for the individual’s personal use and/or for use in matarial that will be distributed at no cost to another.  Any material copied and reposted or otherwise reproduced must included an acknowledgment of myself as the author (as well as any other accredited authors included in the material)


5 thoughts on “About This Blog and Myself

  1. I really enjoyed the first blog post. It sounds like you are doing exactly what God has called you to do. I will be praying that many people will be touched by HIS presence in your writings. God bless and keep it up!!!!!


  2. Hello fellow child of God. As I was googling my book, “A Sinner’s Walk with God”, I came across your blog. It seemed strange to me as I also have a blog named A Sinner’s Walk with God. I am curious as to how you came upon your blog name? I am also wondering how we can both have this same name. I have read some of your blog and see no dire conflict in our understanding of God, yet I have some concern over people mistaking this and my book. Any communication on this would be greatly appreciated. I have no desire to hinder your ministry. Are you aware of my book? How long have have you had this blog?

    While I feel we have the same goal, it is probably best that we have separation and not confusion of identity. My contact info is of course below. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours in Christ, Mike.


    1. Hello Brother Mike. In response to your questions, I have never heard of your book, sorry. As for my blog’s title, I have had it since I first began the blog. I chose that title as it, in my opinion, correctly explained my relationship and walk with God. As for changing the name, let me look into it a bit more. A quick check this morning before work would indicate that it cannot be done without starting a whole new blog, which would incur additional fees. As yours is a book and mine a blog, clearly the two are different, but… I will look into it more to see what I can do. Obviously you cannot change the title of a published book, well you can but it would be extremely impractical, not to mention costly, so that’s no an option.
      I will get back to you in the near future on this matter.
      Respectfully Yours in Christ. Michael.


    2. Hello brother Mike. Well I was able to find how to change the title of my page and for Free. So, as your book was published before I began my blog, I changed the name of the page from “A Sinner’s Walk with God” to “This Sinner’s Walk With God.” I hope that meets with your approval. Have a good and godly day.
      Yours in Christ. Michael.


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